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We support your ambitions by automating workflows and having suppliers add value directly.

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How Encode help procurement grow

How do you adapt to an expanding network of suppliers? Bring your suppliers into the promotion management process. - Build and configure workflows to onboard new suppliers and help trade promotions - Easily expand product and service offerings with flexible data models and metadata - Run a pilot in the system to get real-time experience and then set fixed KPIs

How do you accelerate your time to market? Capture brief and add to an approval workflow to ensure requirements are captured accurately Enrich product content to create rich product experiences that engage customers where they are Allow suppliers to assign their own products to specific campaigns - saves you and them time Get a clear view of suppliers being used globally or in other regions

How do you achieve a single view of activities and content? Secure “frictionless” retail experience to meet consumer demand. - Empower you and your partners to build custom solutions -- no matter the systems that you use - Bring your teams together with workflows tailored for your organisation - Get your suppliers to inform

How do you measure agreed on KPIs? Generate data and uncover shopper insights that reach beyond the category and help to grow profitable sales. - View past promotion performance when negotiating with suppliers - Prove the execution and effectiveness of trade promotions - KPI's can be set within the system to ensure the supplier meets agreed objectives

How do you collaborate effectively with new suppliers? Set parameters within the system and share them with all relevant participants to report on. - Reduce the reliance on email attachments when communicating with relevant stakeholders - Eliminate the risk of using outdated production information and assets and ensure consistency - Get information to the right people at the right time with fewer manual touch points Coact to reduce time to market

Connect your existing tools securely

Encode’s platform integrates with the tools you already use. Integrate your entire tech stack comfortably and streamline the flow of content and information.

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    2 billion
    Images captured annually
    Creative tasks
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
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    Carestream Slider
    Established 2017
    Employees: 1300
Atlanta, Georgia
    7 out of 10
    Practitioners use Carestream Dental globally
    85.000 dental practices
    Are serviced worldwide by Carestream Dental
    Reduced yearly production costs
    Saving on previous project manager resource
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
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    Splash Slider
    Established 2004
    Employees: 160
HQ: London, England
    10 locations
    Creative teams across Europe, America and Asia
    Production studios across the globe provide global clients with services 24/7
    reduction in time to market
    zero errors
    in marketing collateral
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
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    Agrosevilla (1)
    tons of olives exported annually
    founded as a cooperative
    Reduction in time to market from 4 to 3 weeks
    Shops that receive Encode support
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
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    Jysk Slider
    3000+ stores
    And 26.500 employees worldwide
    Number of times a person has searched for JYSK on Google in a year
    Turnover in EUROS for the fiscal year 2019/20
    5 months only
    to transfer all jobs to the Encode platform
    1.000 assignments
    Completed within a year after implementation
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
    Read the Success Story
    Coventry Slider
    The number of academic staff
    The year Coventry University traces its roots back to
    The number of students
    Time saved on proofing
    Labels produced yearly
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
    Read the Success Story
    Flugger Slider
    Year founded in Hamburg
    Liters of paint produced at Flügger’s two largest factories
    Stores in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
    Reduction in production time
    Time reduction on management of campaign master data
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
    Read the Success Story
    Davidsen Slider
    300+ products
    Go on promotion in two different formats every week.
    The year Davidsen was founded
    Number of employees
    0 errors
    In marketing collateral since implementation
    Optimisation when calculating freight costs as process is now automated
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
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    Jemogfix font
    Number of products on shelves
    1 year in advancev
    Purchasers add product promotions to a campaign up to one year in advance
    Number of employees
    item descriptions, cautions and assembling instructions are no longer handled manually
    Single source
    of truth established
    Claus Petersen
    CEO at jem & fix
    Read the Success Story
    Thorkild larsen aisles
    1200 products
    Each contains several pages of description
    The year Thorkild Larsen A/S was founded
    300 pages
    In the company’s product catalogue

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Other retailers have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other agencies have implemented the Encode solution to improve their workflows end to end and stay ahead of competition.

Other brands have implemented the Encode solution to attain full transparency of all activities within branding, communication, and marketing.

Other manufacturers have implemented the Encode solution to perfect product and labels with zero errors.

Other financial institutions have implemented the Encode solution to centralise branding and improve reporting.

Other content producers have implemented the Encode solution to manage teams and projects with full workflow automation.

We have the clients to prove it

Like Thorkild Larsen A/S, a major supplier of electrical items, who had spreadsheets scattered across silos and lacked a single source of truth. They don't anymore.

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